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Give a Dog a Bone
Positve Training for the Family Dog 
Give a Dog a Bone

Give a Dog a Bone offers positive training for the family dog. Dogs are happiest when they have a job. Your family dog needs to be provided with training and guidance to understand their job within your family. 

Give a Dog a Bone provides your family with the training and management tools to enrich your relationship with your dogs. 

We offer both group and private lessons within Connecticut. See our class schedule page for a listing of current group classes available.

Why use positive training?

* Behaviors that are rewarded will be
* Training is fun for you and your family.
* Strengthens the connection and
   builds trust  between you and your dog.
* A tired happy dog is a good dog.

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To schedule a private lesson or ask a question please contact us at  giveadogabonetrn@yahoo.com